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How To Treat Hyperpigmentation In 3 Simple And Safest Way

Most women with hyperpigmentation problem have spent thousands of ringgit in years to fight it. Neither cheap nor the expensive one, most women failed to get their dreamed result. And yet, after years they still don’t know how to treat hyperpigmentation in a correct way. So, you will learn 3 simple ways on how to treat hyperpigmentation.


1. Know Your Causes


products for hyperpigmention


Without knowing the factors, it’s surely hard for us to find the correct product to treat hyperpigmentation.

There are 6 common causes of hyperpigmentation:

  • Over exposure to sunlight.
  • Hormone problems due to pregnancy, family planning etc.
  • Allergic to medicine like antibiotics.
  • Acne scar.
  • Skin injuries.
  • Ancestry.

You may have one or more of above causes. In my experience as a skin consultant, 1/3 of hyperpigmentation causes from skin injury due to wrong selection of beauty products. And also, there are huge percentage also having hyperpigmentation since they got pregnant.

Poor skin health will then led to more skin pigmentation..

So, by now you should know your initial cause and what had make it worst.

2. Take High Antioxidant Supplement

shaklee hyperpigmentation



Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K are the most popular vitamins to fight skin problems.

The antioxidant major role is to fight the effect of the free radicals which cause the aging simptoms like pigmentations, wrinkles, age spots and skin discolorations.

You may see how orange and apple could withstand its great skin for such along time. The answer is by having high antioxidant.

Furthermore, scientist have found out that skin with inflammation problems like hyperpigmentation and acne is having low antioxidant level compared to others with beautiful skin.

You may find hundred of brand offering antioxidant locally and international.

But despite all the brands, how to choose the best and safest vitamin among them ?


3. Take Well known Shaklee Hyperpigmentation Vitamins


shaklee for hyperpigmentation

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Shaklee vitamins is number 1 in the US. And in Malaysia, it treat hyperpigmentation very well. The thing is, you must get it from Shaklee agent which is expert in hyperpigmetation consultation.

I have treated more than 1,000 women with hyperpigmentation problem. The vitamins will treat the basic causes of the hyperpigmentation. And my consultation ofcouse is the best.

Below are the Premium Hyperpigmentation Pack for chronic stage:

Proven Vitamins To Treat Hyperpigmentation

GLA Complex – Treat Hormonial Problems

Imbalance hormon will cause unhealthy skin. The skin will not be strong to fight the aging process.

You may find women with menstrual disorder tend to have skin problems more compare those who didn’t.

So, GLA Complex will stabilize the hormon as well as brighten the dark spot.


Sustained Released Vita-C 500 mg

vivix for hyperpigmentation


This is a natural vitamin C with modern technology. Each table will release 100 mg of vitamin C every hour up to 5 hours.

Without this technology, most of vitamin C will be flush through your excretion process. So, the longer it last, the better.

This vitamin C will treat hyperpigmentation in many ways such as :

  • Provide high antioxidant to treat the effect of the oxidative stress.
  • Boost up the production of collagen for a stronger skin.
  • Brightened the dark spot.
  • Neutralize the UV effect such as the sunburn.
  • Improve skin ability to fight dark spot.


Vitamin E Complex

skin pigmentation

Most complete and natural vitamin E in the market.


The most natural and complete vitamin E in the market with 8 types if vitamin E (alpha,beta,gama, delta).

Vitamin E have become one of the most powerful vitamin to treat hyperpigmentation. Having high antioxidant, it also boost the cell regeneration.

Another important role of vitamin E is to combat the cell oxidation which caused hyperpigmentation.


Collagen Powder

skin pigmentation

Shaklee Collagen Powder treat skin pigmentation.


Collagen is a powerful anti-aging agent to skin.

The Collagen Powder by Shaklee is the most effective collagen in the market. It is made from the scale of red snapper. Red snapper fish could swim down to 5,000 meter depth in the ocean.

Therefore the research have found the scale of the red snapper contained very high level of collagen. And that is the reason why it could swim that deep.

Collagen Powder can also be absorbed very fast due to its tiniest molecule of 1,000 Dalton.

So this is the most natural and effective collagen in Malaysia.


Vivix Anti-Aging Tonic

You want a complete supplement for your beauty, take Vivix.

Having 13 times more antioxidant from the resveratrol alone, Vivix is a clear choice to treat hyperpigmentation problem.

A study shows that the resveraterol deliver 97% result in preventing cell damages compare to 65% for vitamin E and 37% for vitamin C.



Vivix will treat the hyperpigmentation from the basic structure of a human body which is the cell.

Vivix Keep cells vital and strong*

Every day, our cells are damaged from environmental exposure, diet and stress, which can result in the formation of free radicals.  Free radicals can damage cell components like DNA and this damage can accumulate over time.

How to drink Vivix ?

Backed by 5 patents, Vivix contains a proprietary, all natural blend of diverse polyphenols designed to help protect and repair DNA to Slow aging at the cellular level®. Key ingredients have been shown in laboratory studies to activate cellular defenses, neutralize free radicals and slow the development of damaging AGE proteins that can lead to cellular aging.*

  • Protect and repair DNA
  • 40% lower rate of telomere shortening
  • 13x more powerful than resveratrol alone
  • Available in liquigels, no refrigeration needed

Our patented extraction process concentrates and preserves the bioactive polyphenols from the world’s most potent sources, including the rare muscadine grape.



how to treat skin pigmentation

Puan Nora, before taking Shaklee hyperpigmentation pack.



After consumed Shaklee pigmentation pack.


shaklee products for hyperpigmentation

Pn Nas, a teacher from Kuala Kangsar with no more hyperpigmentation.


Please do not hesitate to contact my number at 0193949873 ( Ziela )


You may use your credit or debit card to perform online shopping [Click here]. *Please contact me at 0193949873 after you’ve purchase through online payment. I’ll provide the correct and effective way to consume the products.


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